Energy Healing Sessions


Our lives are full of stress, deadlines, frustrations, demands with work, finances, relationships and family. For many, stress is so commonplace that it has become a way of life. But a lifestyle that is full of Stress and Anxiety can start causing major damage to your health, your mood, your productivity, your relationships, and your quality of life.

My healing sessions work by rebalancing the body's energy flow; it removes blockages within the body which may have been built up for years resulting in physical pain, stress, emotional worries and an inability to move forward.

A session with me will leave you feeling re-energized, re-vitalized and re-motivated.

Below you will find different packages and add - on options. As you go through the different services, you might be wondering, Which package is right for me?  I can help you figure that out too.


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*Center and balance - Sound bath ~ 50 minutes ~ $50.00

This session is only sound and does not include Reiki. With the use of a guided meditation, tuning forks, Wah Wah tubes, Koshi chimes, singing pyramid, Full moon bowl, swing chime, ocean drum, rain stick, and crystal singing bowls, you will enter a state of ultimate relaxation. This session with balance your chakras, creating physical and emotional well-being. It will promote deep states of relaxation and stress reduction. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, lowering blood pressure and cortisol (a stress hormone) levels.


The sound frequencies that you will experience will help promote better sleep and may even be a possible treatment for insomnia. This immersion in sound can help you achieve deep relaxation and a meditative state, helping you release stress and anxiety. The Center and Balance session can be used as a self-care practice, something to energize you and as an enjoyable experience.


In this noisy world, it seems we are always having to filter out stressful sounds including sirens, alarms, loud talkers, thumping cars etc. and as our screen time increases and our time outside in nature decreases, Sound healing is a nice peaceful break away from our busy lives and an opportunity to unwind and relax.

*Relax and Renew ~ 
Reiki and Sound60 minutes ~ $60.00

A Relax and Renew session is personalized to your specific needs. This session will include a consultation, meditation, a 25-minute Reiki session with crystals and a 25-minute Sound bath. I will focus on the intentions we set in the consultation, rebalancing your bodies energy centers, and enhancing your well-being. You will leave feeling centered, deeply relaxed, feel lighter in your body, and have more emotional balance.

*Emotional Reset ~ Aromatherapy with Reiki and a Sound bath 90 minutes ~ $90.00

An Emotional Reset session is tailored to your emotional wellbeing as well as balancing your energy centers. I will use an essential oil application that will help elevate feelings of well-being. This session can help with various things including anxiety, stress, depression, self doubt, worry, forgiveness etc. We can also use essential oils to help with physical ailments. An Emotional Reset session will include, consultation, essential oils applied to the back and feet, meditation, Reiki, crystals, and a Sound bath. Turn this into a “couples” session, for the same price, and bring a friend.

*Group Sound Bath60-90 minutes ~ $35.00 per person

A group sound bath is a great time to have some friends over for Zen time. All you need is at least 4 people and I come to you! We will start out with a consultation then get into the Chakras. I bring chakra essential oil blends that you personally apply to each spot while I explain what each energy center means. We continue with a meditation and then the Sound bath. The group session is great for improving mood, relaxing, de-stressing, and self-exploration.


*Tibetan bowl Sessions15-20 minutes ~ Add any of the layouts below to the Center and Balance, Relax and Renew session or the Emotional Reset session for only $20. You can also choose to do one layout alone for $30. Combine layouts for a 60-minute session ~ $60


There are 7 specific layouts to help you with emotional and physical wellbeing.


  1. Self-Healing Layout ~ relaxation, stress release, and quieting the mind
  2. Full Aura Cleanse ~ chronic issues, releasing negative energy, full body well-being, and emotional stability.
  3. Full back and Shoulder Massage (done with bowls) ~ back pain, muscle pain, shoulder pain.
  4. Lower and upper back massage (done with bowls) ~ back pain, relaxation, quieting nervous system.
  5. Lower and upper stomach massage (done with bowls) ~ back pain, digestion/stomach issues, quieting nervous system
  6. 4 bowl healing session ~ relaxation, negative energy release, full body cleanse
  7. 7 chakra cleansing ~ full body chakra cleansing, balancing, and alignment

*Add on to any package an essential oil roller blend at a discount.

You can choose any of the following for $15 ~

Chakra blend, Zen AF, Dreamcatcher, Moody Bitch, or a custom roller specific to your needs.

*To schedule your energy healing session or for more information, 
please contact me at or send me a direct message on Facebook or Instagram. You can also check out the FAQ tab on this website.


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