Behind Inner Peace


My name is Chanda. I am a Reiki Master, Expert Sound Healer, Certified Mindfulness Coach, Essential Oil Specialist, and Crystal/Chakra Healer in Wallace, MI.

I started my healing journey about 8 years ago. I was living in a state of constant worry, comparison, stress, burn out, overwhelm, depression, and apathy. I was constantly living in the past, the future, or both; but I never lived in the present. I was tired of it. Life was passing me by and all I was doing was going through the motions. I just wanted peace. Joy. I knew it was achievable because I saw other people doing it. So l started researching....

Through my journey I found essential oils, reiki, crystals, mindfulness, and sound therapy. I decided that I wanted to combine all of these healing modalities together to help other people heal, find inner peace, emotional balance, and learn how to enjoy life again.

I offer private and group Reiki with sound sessions; essential oil applications for mental and emotional support; Chakra essential oil blends; essential oil blends for energy clearing and emotional support; self-development courses; and crystal healing.

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