What can I expect from an energy healing session?

These are only offered in person at this time. Everyone experiences something different. A session is going to be geared towards what you need at that moment.  Most people experience intense relaxation. Some people see colors, feel tingling, or waves of sensations. An energy healing session will consist of a meditation to get you into a relaxed state, reiki, tuning forks, a rain stick, an ocean drum, and sound bowls. Chakra balancing music is played during specific times of the session. Crystals may be used and there will be essential oils diffusing for your specific needs. You will lay on a "massage" table, fully clothed. I offer a blanket, a head and leg pillow, and a sleep mask for optimal comfort. 


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic healing technique to promote healing by releasing congestion from energy centers (chakras) to enable good flow of energy in the body. It is a holistic method used to bring balance and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit. This healing energy can help- with a number of things including, energetic blocks, cleansing the aura, releasing the pain of past traumas, chakra balancing, bringing you to a place of spiritual well-being and encourage healing on all levels. The energy is directed by "laying hands" on the chakras of the body. It is based on the idea of channeling universal light and love through a practitioner to a client. The benefits are numerous and include but are not limited to:


~Relieves pain and discomfort.

~Reduces feelings of stress, depression, and overwhelm.

~Strengthens self-love, confidence, and self-esteem.

~Improves sleep and relaxation.

~Clears blockages and suppressed emotions.

~Increases a sense of well-being.

~Improves a person's emotional state.

~Elevates peace of mind


What is Sound Healing or a Sound Bath?

Sounds create shifts in our brainwaves through entrainment, which is when your brain synchronizes its waves to an external stimuli's rhythm of frequency. Aligning your brainwaves to a certain frequency can cause a positive physiological reaction. This allows the release of nitric oxide, a molecule responsible for expanding blood vessels, increasing blood flow, and influencing pain signals. Sound healing can help regulate emotions and alleviate stress. Sound Therapy can help treat:

~Sleep Disorders




~Chronic Pain



Sound Baths are an acoustic sound healing journey to relax the body, calm the mind, clear the subconscious, and activate the body's natural healing systems. The benefits of a Sound bath are emotional, physical, and mental.

~Improve mood.

~Increased optimism, relaxation, and awareness

~Reduced worry, anxiety, and impulsivity

~Lessens worry, anxiety, and depression.

~Enhanced self-esteem and self-acceptance

~Increased resilience against adversity

~Increased mental focus, memory, cognitive skills, and creative thinking

~Help manages ADHD.

~Improves immune system and energy levels.

~Reduces inflammation and can lower blood pressure.


How do essential oils or roller blends help me?

The science of essential oils is fascinating. Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds that come from various parts of the plants.  This could be from seeds, flowers, or the leaves.  These volatile constituents display various biological activities including antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, and antiviral. These constituents provide the plant with its’ defense mechanism to ward off parasites, fungi, bacteria, weather, and predators.  For example, a tree that is wounded may produce a sap for repairing the problem area. 
Essential oils are a complex mixture of chemical compounds that work well to support our bodies because the oils can interact with us on a cellular level. Topical use (roller blends) of essential oils is great for therapeutic purposes. The oils healing properties reach our bloodstream within 20 minutes of application. Aromatic use (diffusing or inhalation) is a very powerful way to experience essential oils. As you inhale an essential oil, it travels up the nasal passages to the olfactory bulb. There it finds the emotional center of the brain, the limbic system. Inhaling these aromatic compounds is the only way to have a direct impact on the amygdala. This is the place where emotional experiences and memories are held. Because of this, essential oils can have a huge impact on mindset, anxious feelings, and emotions. 


What can Sound healing, Aromatherapy, and Reiki do for me?


They can all help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It balances and clears the mind, and leads to a renewed sense of purpose, wellbeing, calm, and happiness.


How do Crystal singing bowls work?


The sound and vibration of Crystal singing bowls penetrates deep into our very cells and rebalances them through oscillation and resonance. Studies have proven that sound has a direct impact on our mental processes, nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system and so much more. Alignment with these crystalline frequencies is one of the most dynamic forms of sound healing found today.


What are tuning forks?


Tuning forks are an acoustic therapy that uses sound waves to "re-tune" us mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


How does Aromatherapy work?


Aromatherpay works by inhaling specific essential oils, stimulating smell receptors in the nose, which then send messages through the nervous system to the limbic system - the part of the brain that controls emotions. By using specific essential oils that target certain emotions, it can help bring our mental and emotional state back into balance.